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Special Thanks

Thanks Again...

CWTW would like to thank the Big Blue Marble Bookstore for their continued support.  They support us so let's support our neighbor!  Next time you need to pick up a gift, check them out.

Big Blue Marble Bookstore
551 Carpenter Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19119
215 844-1870



This is a question often asked and debated – in meetings, on list serves and on street corners.  After much thought, I decided to take a little time and put this question to people I thought would know the answer.  I spoke with representatives from the police department, TWIS, and some people who do security.  Then I took it one step further and checked out what is on the web. 

Unfortunately, I got really great responses, but they contradicted each other:  
    “You should only call the police if you want them to come out.”
    “You should call the police when you see a crime taking place.”

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You know those times when you read or hear certain things about other people and you wonder what were they thinking?  Well, as an outspoken individual I generally try to keep my true opinion to myself, but this is not one of those times – this one is about me!  Some joke that I am the “Queen of Safety,” but even this queen has made mistakes worthy of dethroning.

Last spring I wanted to walk to Chestnut Hill to handle some business. It was a beautiful morning, sunny and crisp.  I told one of my friends about my intention.  She and her husband suggested that I walk through the woods, under the McCallum Street 

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CWTW has grown a lot since 2008!  We are working this month to update our database, which is now in the hundreds.  When we finish, our member addresses and numbers will be more complete and accurate.  We will also have a more efficient system for sending out alerts, invitations, calendars, and other kinds of messages to CWTW members, whether active patrollers or eyes-and-ears participants.  

You will be hearing from us soon by email, asking for verification of your contact information and the way you want to participate.  If you would like to add someone to our network, please let us know.  We will even send alerts to your block.  

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