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Crime Updates

COM_FABRIK_ORDERDate COM_FABRIK_ORDERLocation incident Details
2016-03-02 5xx Glen Echo Rd. Theft from Vehicle Reported 2:04 PM
2016-02-29 5xx Mt. Airy Ave Auto Theft Reported 12:06 PM
2016-02-25 4xx Glen Echo Rd. Burglary Broke in through back kitchen window. Stole electronics.
Reported 6:7 AM; Police investigating.
2016-02-25 3xx Glen Echo Rd. Burglary Broke in through garage by day. Stole electronics, etc. AND a car.
Reported 7:25 AM; Police investigating.
2016-02-23 Greene St. & Lincoln Dr. Auto Theft Reported 12:36 PM.
2016-02-20 5xx Sedgwick Street Vandalism Vandals smashed windshields of 2 cars, between 6 - 9 pm.
Reported to police.
2016-02-19 5xx Westview St. Vandalism Two cars badly damaged -- windshields need to be replaced.
Police are investigating.
2016-01-29 70xx Greene St. Theft from Vehicle Glove box contents gone through overnight - headset and charger stolen.
Car doors normally locked.
2016-01-27 C.W. Henry School Other A student reported that a former student made threats toward the school. The necessary Law Enforcement agencies have been notified and are investigating.
2016-01-26 4xx W. Durham St. Other Suspicious activity, 11:15 AM - A man left his car, approached 3 girls sledding in an alley, and tried to lure them toward him. The girls ran into a neighbor's house. 5'-8" black male with gray sedan similar to Toyota Camry.
Under police investigation.