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Crime Updates

COM_FABRIK_ORDERDate COM_FABRIK_ORDERLocation incident Details
2015-11-13 67xx Lincoln Dr. Theft from Vehicle Reported 8:34 PM
2015-11-09 66xx Wayne Ave. Theft from Vehicle Reported 8:17 PM
2015-11-09 4xx W. Sedgwick St. Theft from Vehicle Reported 3:22 PM
2015-11-09 69xx Cherokee St. Theft from Vehicle Reported 9:25 AM
2015-11-08 CWTW Community Theft THREE bicycles have been stolen recently. Please take care: chain them securely, even inside a garage, and record serial number to help recovery.
2015-11-04 5xx Westview Av. Auto Theft Reported 8:09 AM
2015-11-03 5xx Wellesley St. Scam Alert 8-10-year old black male has been asking to borrow a cell phone to call home in and "emergency." When a concerned neighbor asked police to help the kids, Police told him they had run off with a phone from another man. They were also active on Greene and McCallum Sts.
2015-11-03 4xx W. Ellet St. Auto Theft TWO stolen vehicles recovered on Nov. 3rd and 4th
2015-10-28 70xx McCallum Street Burglary Attempt Bike stolen from enclosed porch, about 4:00 AM. Burglar left without entering further. Barking dog acted as an alarm. Police were notified.
2015-10-25 5xx Arbutus St. Theft Reported 1:03 PM