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Crime Updates

COM_FABRIK_ORDERDate COM_FABRIK_ORDERLocation incident Details
2016-01-19 71xx Wayne Ave. Theft from Vehicle Reported 10:33 AM
2016-01-17 70xx Lincoln Drive Theft from Vehicle Reported 2:09 PM
2016-01-16 70xx McCallum Street Theft Reported 2:44 PM
2016-01-12 68xx Greene St. Robbery 3 youths were outside the 6800 block of Greene St at 1:30 am and were approached my a black male with a gun who robbed the youths of money and phones. It was reported to the police and is being investigated.Reported 2:16 AM.
2015-12-31 4xx W. Mt. Airy Ave. Burglary Reported 10:43 AM
2015-12-30 5xx Church Lane Theft Reported 3:30 PM
2015-12-28 4xx W. Durham St. Burglary Reported 12:25 AM
2015-12-22 4xx W. Sedgwick St. Theft from Vehicle Reported 3:59 PM
2015-12-21 5xx W. Sedgwick Street Theft from Vehicle Reported 7:05 PM
2015-12-20 69xx McCallum Street Theft from Vehicle Reported 12:26 PM