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Crime Updates

COM_FABRIK_ORDERDate COM_FABRIK_ORDERLocation incident Details
2015-12-09 Arbutus St., Lincoln Dr., Wayne Ave. Theft Parcels delivered to 3 different addresses were found EMPTY in Carpenter's Woods. Please think ahead and schedule deliveries at a time when you are home, or arrange for drop-off with a neighbor!
2015-12-08 6xx W. Ellet St. Theft I got a note from a neighbor with a returned open package. Someone had stolen the contents and left the empty box at a neighbor's. First time this ever happened in the 12 years I've lived here.
2015-12-05 6xx W. Sedgwick St Theft from Vehicle Reported 11:53 AM
2015-12-01 3xx W. Mt. Pleasant Ave. Theft Reported 11:47 AM
2015-11-29 69xx Sherman St. Theft from Vehicle Reported 6:10 PM
2015-11-27 70xx McCallum Street Theft Reported 2:51 PM
2015-11-24 5xx Glen Echo Rd. Theft from Vehicle Reported 3:08 PM
2015-11-24 6xx W. Sedgwick St Theft from Vehicle Reported 8:24 PM
2015-11-23 69xx Sherman St. Theft Thief stole package delivered to the front door, rifled through private mail.
2015-11-20 66xx Wayne Ave. Theft Reported 2:54 PM