CWTW Network

CWTW has grown a lot since 2008!  We are working this month to update our database, which is now in the hundreds.  When we finish, our member addresses and numbers will be more complete and accurate.  We will also have a more efficient system for sending out alerts, invitations, calendars, and other kinds of messages to CWTW members, whether active patrollers or eyes-and-ears participants.  

You will be hearing from us soon by email, asking for verification of your contact information and the way you want to participate.  If you would like to add someone to our network, please let us know.  We will even send alerts to your block.  

The unique thing about joining CWTW is that when we learn about crimes in our boundaries we will focus our patrol on that area for added protection and security.  We do this for free!  So always alert us to incidents that happen on your block or in our area.  If you are not a member, please consider joining CWTW because we truly care about our community and we know you do too. 

We appreciate your help with this sizable project.

By Karoline

Mac home consultant and art quiltmaker.

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