About Us


Concerned neighbors originally got together over safety issues in the community to found Carpenter Woods Town Watch.  CWTW began patrolling on Mischief Night in 2007, and we have never stopped.  We work very closely with the 14th District Police Department to get current information on criminal activity in our neighborhood.  While incidents have increased by about 17% all over the city in the last two years, our area has remained steady. 

CWTW is made up of concerned neighbors of many descriptions who find 1 or 2 hours each month or each week to help watch over our area.  Working in pairs, linked by radio, they monitor 50 blocks of West Mt. Airy in a steady effort.

Our members include:  full time artists, teachers, some busy lawyers, professors, as well as a practicing psychiatrist, marketing director, retired executive secretary, landscape architect, librarian, and many others.  What we all have in common is a genuine appreciation of our neighborhood.  

Some of us come out in the daytime, some after dinner or children’s bedtime and some bring their dog out for Pooch Patrol.  It’s not hard to schedule patrols around a favorite television show or sporting event. You can even bring your teen and use the time to reconnect. One of our most reliable patrollers still comes back to walk with us from his new home in Andorra!    

We have varying ages and capabilities, and yet we patrol as a harmonious team.  Some of us even have health ailments but those little pangs don’t have to keep us from patrolling, since we can ride in a car with a partner who will pick us up if necessary, so we can still keep a watchful eye.  There are very few things that keep us down (with the exception of Mother Nature).  

Our patrollers make the time in many ways, and together they watch for suspicious activity and show our neighborhood strength, so that all of us can go about our business feeling safe.  

We are always glad to welcome others who are ready to come out with us.  Maybe one day soon you too will find the time. How about now?

Our CWTW patrol area includes a total of 50 blocks in West Mt. Airy, between Lincoln Drive, Allens Lane, Wissahickon Avenue, and Hortter Street.  You can see this area on the Patrol Map below.  (Several other groups are also on watch around the edges of our zone.)

Our patrollers go out on random days to monitor those blocks for signs of unusual, unsavory activity on foot, on bikes, and by car.  A typical walking patroller covers some three miles or more each hour.  Patrollers can cover more distance on wheels – even check every block of the area – and they even go outside our perimeter to Upsal and Carpenter Lane stations to see that neighbors are getting home safely from the train.

Before receiving an ID card from Town Watch Integrated Services, all our patrollers are trained.  A few days each month patrollers may bring along their teen-age child (also trained for the task) and on other days dogs are welcome to patrol.  Each team is equipped with glowing vests and a radio to communicate what they observe and to coordinate their coverage with other patrollers.

Patrol Map

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