Frequently Asked Questions

Do I live in the Carpenter’s Woods Town Watch area?  Our area is bounded by Wissahickon Avenue , Hortter Street, Lincoln Drive and Allen’s Lane.  To see a map of our patrol zones, see Patrol Map.

How do I join?  Click on Join CWTW and fill out the form.  

Does it cost anything to join?  No.  Everything you need will be provided.

How much time would I commit to be an active member?  Active members patrol one or two hours per week or as little as once per month.  Some of us also meet each month to share information, discuss local issues, and plan events.

When does CWTW patrol?  Our days and times vary.  The patrol schedule on our website is open to members only, so you will be able to view it after you join us.

What is it like to patrol?  We go out in pairs, so you can team up with a friend or meet a new neighbor.  Walkers, bikers, and drivers patrol simultaneously, all linked by radio with each other and with our base radio operator.  We are looking, listening, and keeping each other company.  If we see something odd, we look for specific information, pass it along, and stay out of trouble. 

How do I learn what to do on patrol?  If you are not yet trained you will have to patrol with an experienced patroller who will give you pointers on what to look for.  Eventually you will need to attend at least one class given by Town Watch Integrated Services, our city sponsor, which is scheduled in our neighborhood from time to time.  You will learn what to look for when patrolling, how to be a sharp observer, and how to report what you see.  They will issue your photo-ID badge and reflective vest.

Do you ever have to confront someone?  No.  You are just there to observe.  If you see something, you will let the base operator know what’s going on.  Next you will call the police and let them do their job.

Is it safe to go out on patrol?  Yes.  You are with a partner; you are clearly outfitted as a member of Town Watch; you have been trained what to do and what to look for; and you are in constant radio contact with other patrollers and with the radio base operator.  And at times a police officer monitors our radio frequency as well.

Do I have to go in dark, scary places where I do not feel comfortable?  No.  Safety is top priority.  You should not go anywhere you do not feel safe.  However, a place like that needs to be reported, so we can work on making it a safer place.

Does Town Watch make a difference?  Yes.  Just the presence of clearly marked, watchful neighbors on the street is an effective crime deterrent.  It has been successful all around our city since 1967.  Criminals do not want to be seen, so if they see an active Town Watch they will usually leave the area. 

Do you patrol in all weather?  No.  We only patrol if it is safe to do so.

Do I have to drive my car?  No.  There are always people looking for a partner to ride with them.

Can I patrol with my dog?  Not normally.  Occasionally we do schedule a “Pooch Patrol.”  Once you become a member, you can check the schedule for those dates.

Can I patrol with my kids?  Yes, however they must be over the age of fourteen, officially trained, and accompanied by their parent.  Because of the nature of the work, it is not advisable to bring younger children.  Once you become a member, you can watch our schedule for special Teen Patrol Nights.

I have problems getting around – how can I help?  If you want to help, please contact us.  To build a strong community, we need all the help we can get. 

Our neighborhood stands together against crime.